At least I still have God. That’s something that can’t be taken away from me. He does not burden us with more than we can handle, and with hardship comes ease. At least that has been promised to me, and so I’ll hold on to those words until they makes some sense to me. I will have patience and trust His plan for me. It’s not over yet. I can do this. I have no choice but to.


Anonymous asked:

The fact that you still live with your parents at 21 and at uni makes me feel like less of a noodle for living with mine at 19 while in my second year. I might feel noodle ish about it sometimes but who is really winning here.

organicallygorgeous answered:

I don’t understand why living with your parents is a bad thing/ looked down upon. I’m staying here forever. Eating my mums curry. Borrowing my sisters clothes. Making my brother get me food.